Welcome To The Ideal Club

Our motto is: "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father, which is in Heaven."  Matthew 5:16 

History of the Ideal Club

The Ideal Club was organized under the pastorate of N. A. Gibson in 1959.  The Lord has blessed the club to have had great presidents whose leadership has enabled the club to be a major contributor toward various church related projects. 
The four presidents who have served diligently are as follows: Mrs. Johnnie Landingham   1959-1960 (deceased)     Mrs. Ernestine Bingham   1960-1961 (deceased)     Mr. Margie Scarborough   1961-1996 (deceased)   Mrs. Gloria McIver    1996 - present  
The Ideal Club makes contributions to the church through donations and fund-raising events, along with supporting various organizations, agencies and families outside the church family.  During our anniversaries, the club has sponsored gospel choirs, concert choirs, bands, The North Carolina School of the Arts, and many other ministers and groups from various churches and organizations.   
Upcoming Events